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Welcome to Esaki & Ochiai Lab

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Elab camp in July, 2022

Esaki & Ochiai Laboratory is part of the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Information Science and Technology and was founded in 2001 by Professor Hiroshi Esaki.

Research Area

We focus on research about various areas such as network architecture, backbone networks, sensor networks, mobile networks, and applications of them like smart cities and security. The main purpose is to contribute to the development of the Internet and to the creation and investigation of new network paradigms.


Besides research, the lab is involved in different Projects, and its members also contribute to different activities such as WIDE Project working groups such as the LiveE Project and, Network management, participation as staff members in different events such as WIDE Project camps, Interop Tokyo and IETF among others.


There are 38 students in 2023, including 7 Ph.D. candidates, 23 Masters, and 8 Bachelor's students. We have 12 international students from China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. See our members from here.

QualNet Network Simulator