Personal Information

  • Name: Kaoru YOSHIDA
  • E-Mail: kaoru[at]
  • Address:
    Room 102A1,102A2,102B1
    Bld 2 of Engineering Department,The University of Tokyo
    7-3-1.Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
  • TEL: 03-5841-6748
  • FAX: 03-5841-7465


  • Network (especially routing architecture, protocol design and measurement)
  • Operating System

[in English]
  • Kaoru YOSHIDA, Yutaka KIKUCHI, Masateru YAMAMOTO, Yoriko FUJII, Ken'ichi Nagami, Ikuo NAKAGAWA and Hiroshi ESAK, "Inferring POP-level ISP Topology through End-to-End Delay Measurement", 10th Passive and Active Measurement Conference, April, 2009 (to be appeared)
  • Kaoru YOSHIDA, Hiroshi ESAKI, "A Trend Analysis of Latency and Packet Loss in Broadband Internet Environment through End Customers' View," GCOE21 WS, December, 2007
  • Vidhyashankar Venkatraman, Kaoru Yoshida, Paul Francis, "Chunkyspread: Heterogeneous Unstructured End System Multicast," The 14th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, Nov. 2006
  • Xinyang Zhang, Paul Francis, Jia Wang, Kaoru Yoshida, "Scaling Global IP Routing with the Core Router-Integrated Overlay," The 14th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, Nov. 2006
[in Japanese]
  • 吉田 薫,藤井 資子,菊池 豊,山本 正晃,永見 健一,中川 郁夫,江崎浩,”ユーザ視点に基づいたブロードバンドインターネット環境における遅延・パケットロスの傾向分析”, 電子情報通信学会,Vol.J91-B,No.10,pp.1182-1192,October,2008
  • 吉田 薫,江崎 浩, “サービス指向型ルーティングを目的としたエンドホストへの動的なIPv6割当て手法の提案,” 電子情報通信学会,信学技報 IA2007-22,pp.73-78,2007年7月
  • 吉田 薫,江崎 浩, ”OSPFネットワークにおける疑似経路広告手法を用いた動的経路制御手法の提案”,情報処理学会 第67回全国大会,2005年3月
  • 吉田 薫,”OSPFネットワークにおける誘導経路情報を用いた動的経路選択手法”,修士論文,2005年3月
  • 吉田 薫,永見 健一,江崎 浩, “OSPFネットワークにおけるポリシを考慮したコスト再設計に関する研究”, 電子情報通信学会技術研究報告,Vol.103,No.605,pp.49-54,2004年1月
  • 吉田 薫,永見 健一,江崎 浩, “OSPFネットワークにおけるトラヒック情報の可視化手法の実装”, 電子情報通信学会技術研究報告,Vol.103,No.354,pp.61-66,2003年10月
  • 吉田 薫,”大規模OSPFネットワークにおけるトラフィックエンジニアリングに関する研究”,卒業論文,2003年3月

  • Student Incentive Award, The 67th IPSJ(Information Processing of Society) of Japan, National Convention, 2005

  • Part-time job, National Astronomical Observatory Japan(NAOJ)
    • April 2005 - July 2005, July 2006 - May 2007
    • Topic: Managed a NAOJ’s network that widely spreads across Japan. Set up and configured network equipments, e.g. switches, routers, dns servers and mail servers. Introduced network monitoring tools to help operators detect network troubles easily.
  • Part-time job, Intec Netcore Inc.
    • June 2003 - March 2004
    • Topic:Built a prototype system for analyzing and visualizing a real-time condition of an ISP network which has built up its network using OSPF and BGP as its routing protocols and introduced NetFlow for traffic analysis. The contribution was to design and implement a GUI part of the system and to debug an OSPF part of the system.
  • Internship, Matsushita Electric Industrial Company,
    • August 2002 (almost two weeks)
    • Topic:Enhanced a vlan(IEEE 802.1Q) interface that enables the interface to bridge a physical network interface or another vlan interface. Since a duration of this internship was too short to implement the whole system, few contribution had been made.

  • Foreign Language Skills
    • English: TOEFL score 220 (CBT, Dec 2005)
  • Computer Skills
    • Language:
      • C (both kernel, user-land and application level)
      • C++(VC++), Perl, Perl/Tk, Python (application level)
      • Objective-C (introductory level)
      • Emacs Lisp, Bourne shell (as simple processing)
    • Platforms:
      • FreeBSD, NetBSD (both kernel and user-land programming)
      • Linux, Mac OSX (user-land programming)
      • Windows (as an user)